This site contains a selection of fifty artworks from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that illustrate the various aspects of Britain’s Industrial Revolution. It is designed to be an interdisciplinary teaching tool for teachers of Social Studies, English and Art History.

Economic, social and cultural foundations, as well as manifestations, of the industrial revolution are the subjects of these images. Each selection is accompanied by an objective description, background and interpretation, and primary source material.

Two preliminary chapters, Looking at Narrative Images and Hogarth’s Industry and Idleness, serve as an introduction. ‘Narrative’ helps to guide the viewer into the process of looking and identifying the elements within a painting. A selection of helpful questions are included as a guide to looking. The image, John Constable’s White Horse, is itself an aspect of the early industrial era. ‘Hogarth’ focuses on details. A series of items within the image are identified and described.

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