NEH Seminar 2000 : The Industrial Revolution in Britain

Week 5: Abbeydale, Caphouse Colliery, Eastwood & Kelham Island

Abbeydale01 Abbeydale02 Abbeydale03 Abbeydale04 Abbeydale05
Abbeydale1.jpg Abbeydale2.jpg Abbeydale3.jpg Abbeydale4.jpg Abbeydale5.jpg
Abbeydale06 Abbeydale07 Abbeydale08 Abbeydale09 Caphouse01
Abbeydale6.jpg Abbeydale7.jpg Abbeydale8.jpg Abbeydale9.jpg Caphouse1.jpg
Eastwood01 Kelham01 Kelham02 Kelham03 Kelham04
Eastwood1.jpg Kelham1.jpg Kelham2.jpg Kelham3.jpg Kelham4.jpg

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